Analog To Dicom Converstion

The complete digital workflow can only be achieved when PACS Server has access of each modality. The integration is seamless for DICOM based modalities but the problem is to connect Non-DICOM or Analog Imaging Modalities with the PACS server.

Micromed Healthcare is providing SSPACS as an Analog to DICOM conversion workstation Software to convert all non-DICOM & Analog modalities into DICOM.

The SSPACS DICOM Workstation, receives video signal from modality & acquires still & motion video images and converts into DICOM 3.0 format to follow a medical imaging standard.

The DICOM conversion & PACS connectivity is complicated because many imaging system use non-standard video signals to produce their pictures. The SSPACS workstation has unique capability to negotiate with multiple video capture harware devices in order to make them compatible to DICOM 3.0 standard format and provides features, like Image storage, archiving, dynamic viewing, printing & communication etc.

The workstation is easy to setup & use with following options:

  • Analog image acquisition & DICOM Conversion.
  • All standard DICOM viewing tools.
  • DICOM post processing tools.
  • DICOM & Paper Printing Options.
  • Seamless Integration with DICOM Networks & PACS Systems.
  • Free DICOM Viewer on CD/DVD Burning.
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