Servers Options:

According to the size of the organization & required work flow PACSView has its three variants

1. PACSView Enterprise
2. PACSView Standard
3. PACSView Freedom

PACSView Enterprise:

PACSView Enterprise Solutions offers Teleradiology solution to a group of hospitals/diagnostic centres, which consist a Centrally located PACSView Server to receive images from all remotely connected modality centres using a thin client module. Patient’s information stored at the PACSView Server can be seen/accessed from any location using a web based interface so that any patient’s diagnosis can be made by any doctor or based on pre defined rule, from any location.


PACSView Standard:

PACSView Standard offers the Teleradiology solutions to a small and mid sized hospital/diagnostic centre, which consist an in-house PACSView Server to receive images from all locally connected DICOM modalities in order to access them from any location of the hospital. Using a broadband internet connection, images can be accessed from outside the scanning facility by consulting doctor and referring consultant as well.


PACSView Freedom:

PACSView Freedom Teleradiology is a dream solutions to a small or mid size radiology centre, who cant afford the high cost of the in house Server Software/Hardware & its maintenance. The Freedom plan offers the Web based Software & its features thru Centralized Company own servers on the bases of required no of cases or pre-paid volume options.

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