Centralized and/or Distributed Archive:

The PACSView server can be configured as either centralized archive storage & Teleradiology Server or distributed archive storage. With a centralized configuration, all images are stored in a central location and can be accessed through that server. With a distributed archive solution (PACSView Enterprise Solutions), the images reside on the network at a number of locations with a combination of a main server archive and satellite archives. The satellite archives provide local storage, as well as the link to the main server. All sites are connected through LAN, WAN and Internet, with all images on the network available to authorized users through PACS workstations, or through PACSView Web based workstation viewer.

Local/Remote Image Viewing & Retrieval Options:

Images stored at the server can be retrieved and viewed at any DICOM 3.0 compliance workstation software. PACSView Server comes with an integrated DICOM viewer which opens a study using a web based patient catalog from the server. Integrated PACSView DICOM Viewer works on image streaming techniques to achieve the fastest image retrieval from the server in order to open a study from locally networked or remotely located server.

Teleradiology; Web User Access:

PACSView web server allows access by authorized users to the images stored on the PACS via LAN, WAN or Internet and viewed using Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox or later on a standard PC or laptop. The Web server can be a standalone computer connected to the PACS server, or can be combined onto one server computer for image archive and web functionality

PACSView Administration:

PACSView offers the web based full administration modules which allow network users to provide system administration functions to perform corrections and modifications to studies and images that are stored on the PACS server, as well as moving studies to other devices. Functions that are enabled include; Deletion of studies/Images, User permissions and functions, editing of study details, DICOM Print, DICOM Store, Teleradiology and movement of images.

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